Two coaches collided on the way back from the Varsity ski trip this morning resulting in some broken bones. HARRY SHUKMAN reports.

Two coaches coming back from the Varsity ski trip crashed this morning.

An accident took place as one coach carrying students skidded on black ice and drove into a road barrier north of Dijon at 3am today.

The second coach swerved into the position behind the first coach, causing the crash.

No serious injuries have been reported.


The perilous mountain slopes

But there was damage dealt to one coach, whose windows were broken.

Students are returning this weekend from the Varsity ski trip in Tignes that otherwise went off without a hitch.

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It appears that the students were on thinner ice than originally realised. A fresher from Lady Margeret Hall was on the coach behind the two that crashed:

‘We came upon sheet ice on the motorway and in three of the buses (ours included) the drivers lost control of the buses – we were swerving throughout lanes and skidded down the motorway side on for almost five minutes.

‘The other two crashed and if our driver, when he lost control at a certain point, hadn’t have swerved, we would have crashed into them full speed ahead and apparently all have died.’

The trouble didn’t stop there, with the students surrounded by the accident on the motorway in the freezing cold for a further ten hours.

‘We were meant to get the 9:45 ferry back – we ended up on the 19:00 ferry…such fun.’

Luckily Oxford spirit seems to have persevered, with the cheery conclusion: ‘No one was hurt though, only a few broken bones.’