Impossible! A shoot with Lily Cole

As part of the launch of Lily Cole’s app Impossible, we met up for a Saturday morning stroll and took a few photos. Scroll to the bottom for the full screen slide show

barney couch Coats cole dress fashion Film Hampstead Heath Impossible Kodak Large Format lily London Medium Format Pentax Portra shoot tom porteous winter


A message from Lily Cole: is a social network that seeks to try and encourage a culture of giving and receiving by allowing people to post wishes which are shown to others who might be able to fulfil them. In May we went to Cambridge to soft launch the platform, and did an installation in which we invited students to tie their wishes to a tree outside King’s college. One of the wishes left on the tree was for me to do a shoot for The Tab and these photographs are the result of a fun day spent fulfilling it!



Make your own wish at or search for Impossible on the app store!

Styling and Art Direction: Ioana Ivan and Joey Akubeze
Photography: Tom Porteous and Barney Couch

Acne biker jacket and mint knit were kindly provided by Guilio Store, 24-32 King Street, Cambridge.

Click the image below to view the shoot in a full screen slide show