Addenbrooke’s Crashed by Students on the Lash

They might have been bingeing but today they’ll be cringing– Cambridge students spark complaints from Addenbrooke’s A&E. CLAUDIA LEONG has the inside track.

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Several students around Cambridge have no doubt been summoned to the dean this morning, following their rowdy behaviour at Addenbrooke’s. The hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department circulated an email to all Senior Tutors today in protest against being “inundated” with drunk and disruptive students last night.

It all probably started as innocently as these people look…

Although the college or colleges in question remain unknown to The Tab, it will come as no great shock to hear that “From what [hospital staff] could gather there had been either a rugby or rowing drinks event.”

The trouble for the hospital began from a shockingly early 6pm and did not end until 4 this morning, as “a selection of drunken students in fancy dress” arrived at the A&E on what was “an already busy night.”

The email described the students as having “presentations ranging from GCS 8-9 to facial injuries etc. from fights.” For non-medics, a member of the CU First Aid Society put it this way: “Whoa! You use the Glasgow Coma Scale to tell how conscious and alert someone is. Getting 8-9 suggests they were at that stage of drunkenness where you’d have to pinch them fairly hard to get a reaction.”

Forget Gardies, Addies is where it’s at.

Other patients at Addenbrooke’s were affected by the revellers and complained as “students and their friends were disruptive, rude and frequently had to be told to stop wandering between the different areas of the department as they shuttled between their friends in different cubicles.”

Ironically, this news comes hot on the heels of events held in Cambridge for Alcohol Awareness Week several days ago. Norman Baker, the Government’s new crime prevention minister, slammed Cambridge’s “embarrassing binge-drinking culture” on his visit last Friday, detailing what seems to have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.