Getting a grad job just got easier

A new graduate recruitment service is on the scene and taking the stress out of finding a post-uni job.


It’s the option every job applicant longs for. Skip the stressful forms, and the tedious cover letters about your “passion for data cleansing”, and fill in one easy form in seven minutes which can be seen by hundreds of potential employers.

Tick boxes are your friend

That dream has just become a reality with the launch of GradList, a new site for jobseeking students which uses a single, simple application form to connect you with companies looking to hire. If they like you, you’ll get an email.

The Tab has tested the application form, and it takes just seven minutes to fill out. There are none of the tedious questions about the value you add to a company, or your greatest strengths and weaknesses: just basic factual info about your experience and qualifications.

You could sign up after a night out, kebab in hand, tears streaming down your face after being rejected on the dance floor, and it wouldn’t make a damned bit of difference to your chances of getting a job. That’s how easy it is to sign up.

The definition of employable

Once you’ve signed up for GradList, employers will be able to find you if you match their criteria. If they want to interview you, you’ll get an email arranging to speak. And if you click the link in the email, GradList will donate money to the charity of your choice from a selection of five.

Employers love it because it massively reduces the cost and increases the precision of recruitment.

GradList’s founders are hoping to sign up hundreds of public and private sector employers by Christmas, from startups to multinationals, so now is the ideal time to join for maximum exposure. Head to their website to sign up and like their Facebook page for more info.