Love on the Overheard

Exams are (almost) over and love is in the air again, as one man takes to Overheard at Cambridge in pursuit of true love.

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A hopeful romantic has utilised the Overheard at Cambridge Facebook group in order to find the girl of his dreams – after forgetting to ask for her number.

Using a friend’s Facebook profile to provide anonymity, the lovestruck Cantab posted on the group in a desperate bid to get in touch with the girl:

“This isn’t an Overheard, this is an idiot (me) taking a gamble and hoping it pays off. An idiot who was too stupid to ask a girl to remind him what her name was.”

‘Kyle’ goes on to describe the serendipitous moment when he got talking to the girl in question, having knocked a coffee out of her hands on St. Andrews Street and gallantly offering to buy her a new one.

Unfortunately, our hero had to run off to a supervision and, playing it a bit too cool, forgot to get her digits.

All we know is that her college starts with a C.

Tab to the rescue

Realising his mistake and cycling back to Starbucks, the mystery woman was nowhere to be seen. However, fate struck again when he saw her passing beneath orgasm bridge on a punt yesterday (which we’re taking as another good omen).

The site of the sighting

“I’m not great at coming across as smooth but if I could go back in time to when I was on the bridge, I’d jump into the river just to hear your first name,” he wrote yesterday morning.

In the last seventeen hours, the post has amassed more than 1000 likes. Following calls from the public, and always on the side of true love, The Tab is wading into to help.

‘Kyle’, we wish you the best of luck. If anyone knows who the girl might be, get in touch with us – we’d love them to have dinner together, on us.