Mastermind Comes to Cambridge

Mastermind is holding auditions in Cambridge in a fortnight’s time. Go on, do your uni proud.

Not quite make the cut for your University Challenge college team? Maybe you did but got beaten by Bangor? Now is your chance for the next best thing.

Mastermind, hosted by the indomitable John Humphrys, is holding auditions in Cambridge on the 29th and 30th of April.

The BBC employs ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’

The game, developed by Bill Wright, is inspired by his experiences of interrogation as a prisoner in World War Two. Each contestant takes part in two rounds: a quickfire general knowledge round, followed by taxing questions in a specialised subject of the contestant’s choice.

Humphrys, (whose ‘catchphrase‘ is apparently “Hello, and welcome to another round of ‘Mastermind’, with me, John Humphrys…”) is a veteran journalist – and erstwhile dairy farmer, believe it or not – renowned for his combative style. He recently told The Guardian that he has no plans to quit anytime soon: “I’m rather enjoying the job. I’ve no plans to shuffle off this mortal coil.”

“I will fuck your shit up”

Gary Grant, the gameshow’s only winner in 2012, places his success on the fact that his girlfriend – who had only two weeks earlier agreed to be his wife – dumped him for her ex-fiancé. Broke, alone, and stuck in Scotland, things weren’t looking too good: “I was at the lowest ebb I’d ever been” writes Grant, in his advice column to future contestants. Competing in, and winning, Mastermind helped lead him out of his black well of depression.

What a happy chappy

Exam revision getting you down? Love of your life dumped you for the previous love of her life (come on Gary, she’d done it before, you must have seen that one coming)? If you fancy giving it a go, email [email protected]. The Tab‘s rooting for ya.