Blues Strength And Conditioning Coach Wes Anderson

From drinking water to drinking bans, WES ANDERSON is leaving nothing to chance ahead of Saturday’s Varsity clash.

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Wes Anderson is the Blues’ Strength and Conditioning expert. Here, in an exclusive column for The Tab, Wes reveals the rigorous work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that Cambridge are in optimum shape for Saturday’s Varsity clash.

At the start of the season, we have our goals: to do well in the league, go on a good cup run and then win Varsity. I have a plan of what I want to do with the boys throughout the season, in conjunction with the physio, Rich Luddington, and the coach, Che Wilson. My job predominantly revolves around injury prevention and physically preparing the lads for the season and, ultimately, Varsity. Fortunately, we’ve shone in every competition this year, winning the league and reaching the cup final, too.

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The last two weeks have been heavy and intense. The boys have been doing two training sessions every day. But as the end of this week approaches, we’re slowing down ahead of Saturday to aid the players’ recovery and make sure they are hydrated, injury-free and ready to get stuck into the big game this weekend.

The Blues have been working non-stop in their bid for Varsity glory

We give the squad nutrition advice. I stress what they should eat and when they should eat. This is to ensure that we become a bit smarter and tighten up on all those little things. This will give our boys those extra few percent that we hope Oxford may have overlooked; we want to try and uncover every stone and be sharper, brighter and faster than Oxford.

I am always talking about the importance of hydration. I tell the lads to take water into lectures and they need to be aware that they must carry water with them all the time and be constantly sipping it. It’s too late when you are thirsty because by then, you are already dehydrated. They need to be constantly hydrated to be in optimum shape to play football.

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The lads are hugely well-disciplined. They have imposed a drinking ban upon themselves. This is what is great about this team – they’re growing as young men and we just need to support them and give them our advice and expertise. They’ve shown that they’re able to be responsible for both themselves as individuals and as a team. Their attitudes have been excellent, extremely focused. They really want to win.

United as one: The Blues are determined to beat Oxford

Sometimes I need to tell the lads to slow down and have a rest. They are so keen and want to work hard all the time – but that’s no good because then they could pick up injuries so we need to do some lighter sessions as well!

Players can become fatigued very quickly on big occasions with all the nervous energy, and sometimes, this leads to cramp. In the last Varsity match, the boys were in great condition and did really, really well – no cramp at all. I don’t expect Saturday to be any different – this year’s crop have played loads of football and that’s something that will stand them in great stead for the game.

I’m just as nervous as the lads are for this one. They’ve worked so hard and deserve to win – and I’m confident they can get the result.

Wes was talking to The Tab’s Adam Crafton.