Tab Sport Q & A: new rugby captain Will Briggs

In a cross between a Paxman/Alan Carr style interview, GIANPIERO ROSCELLI quizzes new Rugby blues captain Will Briggs about balls, Cindies and the Azerbaijan Wrestling team…

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How did you feel when you were named captain?

It didn’t sink in straight away to be honest. It’s a great honour and I’m relishing the opportunity.

Does it not daunt you to carry 141 years of heritage on your shoulders?

I’m certainly aware of it, but the club has a great support network that makes the whole thing seem a lot less daunting.

What do you see as the main challenges for the club?

Firstly; We need to strengthen the club as a whole, right from the Colleges XV up. Only with these foundations can we hope to build a successful campaign. Secondly we need to develop the belief within the club that this is the year we’re going to overturn the run of form.


Will Will Briggs bring greater things? Briggs will captain the team after his impressive performance against Oxford last December

When did you first start playing rugby, and in what position?

No idea and probably nowhere out of the Front row.

The blues have had a mixed bag this year – are you happy with the club’s performance, and do you intend to make any significant changes?

Last year, for me, we took a big step in the right direction. This year I want us to build on what has gone before as well as involving the whole club a lot more.


How do you intend to pick the boys up after Varsity?

We need to start winning, and the confidence and belief will come with that.

What aspect of being captain worries you the most?

I’m not a worrier, but the admin is already a nightmare.

Do you intend to do anything to change the image of rugby within the university, or is it fine as it is?

I hope that the professional attitude we wish to achieve this year will encourage greater support from the rest of the University.

How many pints can you down in 5 minutes?

2 would be optimistic…

Favourite type of beer? Or are you an ale man?

Cider for me.

Favourite nightclub in Cambridge?


Favourite sport other than rugby?

Table-tennis. I don’t know why. I just love it

Favourite sporting team?

Azerbaijan Wrestling team.

Best rugby moment ever?

England Vs The All Blacks 2012.

And best non-rugby sports moment?

Jerome Simpson touchdown flip.

Would you rather beat Oxford in Varsity 2013 or have the dream woman of your choice for one night?

Varsity 2013 (not sure I can give a different answer??) (Ed – you can, but that shows your commitment to rugby!)

In your team, who is the a) Smoothest with the ladies; b) the best at dancing; c) most fun? (If you really want, yes, you can put down yourself as all three!)

Frank Sanders, Danny Holmes, Oliver Wolfe.

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