Gianpiero Roscelli

Interview: Felix Styles, Blues Hockey Captain

GIANPIERO ROSCELLI chats to Felix Styles ahead of this weekend’s Varsity clash.

A Guide To: Lent Bumps

Novice rower? Fresher who couldnt care less? Procrastinating OAP? Whoever you are, let GIANPIERO ROSCELLI introduce you to the world of Bumps.

Tab Sport Q & A: new rugby captain Will Briggs

In a cross between a Paxman/Alan Carr style interview, GIANPIERO ROSCELLI quizzes new Rugby blues captain Will Briggs about balls, Cindies and the Azerbaijan Wrestling team…

Cambridge and the 2014 Tour de France

Reaction to the news that Cambridge is set to host stages of the 2014 Tour de France.