Si Burdus riding to Mahal’s rescue

Cambridge legend Simon Burdus is bidding to save the Mahal

Big Fish Ents Mahal mahal closing simon burdus

Nightlife legend Simon Burdus is launching an 11th hour bid to save the Mahal from closing.

The former Girton student and supervisor, who ran Big Fish Ents until last year, says he and a group of alumni could stump up the cash for a dramatic takeover.

Legend…Si B (pictured here with X-Factor’s Wagner) was the man behind Jelly Baby at Cindies

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, he said: “It was just an idea yesterday but the response was immense and I’ve basically got a potential consortium of past students who are keen to get involved and I think that we could fund it quite easily now. So a bid is looking likely.”

“It’s very early stages at the moment but I’d be gutted if it disappeared. It could be my thank you to Cambridge”.

Yesterday, The Tab revealed the curry house – dubbed ‘the Home of Swaps’ – was closing after years of service.

Now Burdus, who supervised Management students, is seeking a meeting with the owners of the building.

He said: “It’s proving quite tricky but once I can track down who has the actual lease at the minute we will be on our way. Apparently they haven’t lost the lease for definite yet. But they said they should know by Monday so will be giving me a call then.

“I don’t want people thinking it’s a done deal as we are miles away at the minute but it is something I’m throwing myself into.”

Boarded up..the Mahal has been closed since 30 November

Swap Mecca..The Mahal was famous for curry fights

It would be a dramatic return to Cambridge for the 26-year-old, who left in April after seven years running Big Fish.

He now runs exotic meat supplier Outback Burger and mixed martial arts event Rumble on the Rock.

Fingers crossed he can work his magic again.