Fifty Shades Of Blue: Part 7

Georgina is invited to end of term drinks at the Master’s Lodge…

Dr Blue fifty shades of blue Georgina Skye master shower sex varsity ski trip

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had sex in the past few weeks. Dr Blue is a maniac! Work is getting totally out of hand, but so far my only punishment has been a weekly spanking from my tutor. This wasn’t what I expected from Cambridge!

Tonight, the freshers are having end-of-term drinks in the Master’s Lodge. At the beginning of term, this would have been my idea of a great night – champagne and canapés in a sixteenth-century mansion. But I’m finding it incredibly uncomfortable. Dr Blue’s only feet away from me, having what appears to be a hilarious conversation with the Master’s wife. Maybe he’s fucking her too.

Fed up of trying to catch his attention, I put my empty glass on the mantelpiece before leaving the room. I’m desperate for the loo, but the one in the hall’s engaged. I’m drunk enough to think the ‘no entry’ sign by the staircase needn’t apply to me, however, as I make my way upstairs.

The Master’s Lodge is massive. I open a door at random and find myself in a huge bedroom with a four-poster bed – the archetypal ‘Master Bedroom’. Luckily, it also has an ensuite.

I’m in the bathroom drying my hands when I hear a knock at the door. I freeze. What if it’s the master? I’ve always thought he seemed a bit of a perv, giving a talk in freshers’ week about how we’re all welcome to ‘pop over anytime’. I’m careful not to move a muscle, though my inner goddess is totally freaking out.

To my horror, the lock on the door appears to move of its own accord. There’s a faint click and the door begins to open… Shit. I’m not supposed to be up here.

Only when I exhale with relief do I realise how long I’ve been holding my breath. The last thing I see is Dr Blue’s blonde hair before my head goes black.

‘Georgina… Georgie. Wake up.’

I open my eyes and see blue sapphires above me, hundreds of sparkling blue gems. I blink a few times and realise they’re actually just Dr Blue’s eyes. My head’s in his lap; he must have caught me just in time.

‘I’m going to get you some water,’ he says. ‘If you can, sit up and put your head between your legs.’

‘That’s usually your job,’ I tease, lifting my head slowly from his lap and placing a hand there instead. I’m a little dismayed to find he isn’t hard.

‘Georgie!’ he says, moving my hand. ‘Do as I say. You just fainted. You might have concussion.’

But I follow him as he walks over to this sink, coming up behind him and placing my arms round his waist. ‘I’m fine. I promise. I’ve just had a little too much to drink,’

‘Sit back down,’ he says angrily. ‘And drink this.’

He hands me a glass of water. I sit on the ground, my inner goddess floored as I take a gulp from the glass of water.

Dr Blue keeps his distance as he sits on the toilet seat. He doesn’t say anything as I drink.

But my inner goddess wants him. I open my legs suggestively and bite my lip, aware that my dress has slid off a shoulder, my red lacy bra visible beneath.

‘Stop it, Georgina,’ he says. ‘Think about where you are. Besides, you should go home to rest.’

‘Location’s never been a concern of yours before,’ I say sweetly.

‘Georgina, I’m not going to have sex with you.’

My inner goddess is growling; she won’t take no for an answer. I edge across the hard tiled floor on my knees so that I’m right in front of him. My seduction routine’s worked. I can see the bulge beneath his suit trousers.

I stand slowly, and move to sit on top of him.

‘Georgie, stop. Please.’

‘Why?’ I ask, unzipping the side of my dress and pulling it over my head.

‘Because you’re drunk.’


‘No, Georgina. This is wrong. Please let me take you back to your room.’

‘Only if you come too,’ I say, pressing myself against him and leaning towards his lips.

He opens his mouth to protest, but his eyes tell me he’s given in. My inner goddess is well acquainted with his godly ways. My mouth meets his as he lifts me up, depositing me onto the hard tiled floor. It hurts, but I’m used to hard objects slamming into me now – desks, bookcases, church pews…

Dr Blue pulls off my underwear and unzips his trousers. He pulls out a condom from his jacket pocket and rips it open with his teeth. Hardly five seconds have passed before he’s inside me. He’s transformed so quickly from concerned tutor to a crazed sex god.

Then, we both stop, horrified. Someone’s in the next room, whistling. The master! Without making a sound, Dr Blue picks up my dress and knickers from beside him and points to the shower cubicle. We manage to get inside and shut the clouded glass behind us just before the bathroom door opens.

Dr Blue’s hand is pressed over my mouth. I can hear the unmistakable sounds of the master urinating and still whistling to, if I’m not mistaken, the James Bond theme tune.

The last thing I’m expecting is Dr Blue’s hand between my legs. What is he playing at? I’m terrified even my heavy breathing will alert the master but can’t help but give in to Dr Blue’s masterly touch.

‘Don’t come until I say,’ he whispers, only just audibly in my ear.

I don’t know whether I can hold back. I’m so so close. But then I hear the flush of the toilet and the door open again soon after. The thought that the master hasn’t washed his hands delays my climax.

When Dr Blue replaces his finger with his hard shaft, however, I’m on the verge of coming once more. I have to bite my finger to stop myself from letting go.

‘Now,’ he orders, and my inner goddess goes ballistic, celebrating her self-control with an almighty orgasm.

‘Good girl, Georgina,’ Dr Blue says, handing me my clothes and opening the shower door. He does up his flies and is just about to leave the bathroom when he says, ‘See you on the slopes.’

What? Dr Blue’s going on the Varsity ski trip? My inner goddess skis expertly down a snowy mountainside as I reach for my knickers. This holiday’s going to be a lot of fun.