Little Show Peep: Week 2

As it starts to get cold, Little Show Peep urges you to get your woolies on and flock to the theatre.

Corpus Smoker little show peep sophie scholl the apocalypse bear tragedy

This week, sheep, there’s more to choose from than ever…

CORPUS SMOKER – Mon 15th October – Mon 12th November 

If you liked ‘Um’, you’ll be pleased to hear that Ben Pope is back in the Playroom: this time he’s running a Smoker. For a night of gags from the Fletcher Players – and the possibility of some (minimal) audience participation – head to the Playroom.

Corpus Playroom, at 9.30pm, £6/£5

THE LAST FIVE YEARS – Tue 16th – Sat 20th October

CUADC and CUMTS bring you a musical love story. It follows a novelist called James and a wannabe actress called Cathy, and traces the breakdown of their five-year-long relationship. The original musical was a big hit in Chicago; this production hopes to ‘see the Playroom become an intimate off-Broadway theatre.’

Corpus Playroom, at 7.00pm, £5/6

THE APOCALYPSE BEAR TRILOGY – Tue 16th – Sat 20th October

This is by a young Australian playwright by the curious name of Lally Katz. The trilogy – The Fag of ZagrebBack to the Cafeteria and At Last – focuses on a man dressed as a bear. It promises to be dark, absurd, existentialist and comic. But why is he wearing that stupid bear suit?

Corpus, 9.30pm, £5/6

SOPHIE SCHOLL – Tue 16th – Sat 20th October

Sophie Scholl was a real person. She’s one of the great heroes of the German anti-Nazi activist movement. And she was executed in 1943, aged 22. This play is an adaptation of the film Sophie Scholl: The Final Days. It’s got a solid team of thesps behind it. I’ll be counting you in, sheep.

ADC, 7.45pm, £6/8

JEFF CARPENTER AND A PIANO  – Tue 16th October 2012

Jeff Carpenter is the man behind all of Cambridge’s most successful musical shows. Even those who don’t like musicals are impressed by his productions. And this time, Carpenter himself is in the limelight – along with a live band and a grand piano. It’s sure to be a hit.

ADC, 11.00pm, £5/6

I AM, I AM – Wed 17th – Fri 19th October

Two footlights – Lowell Belfield and Harry Michell – and two guitars – unnamed – provide an hour of musical comedy. They sing, they dance and they improvise. It got four-star reviews in Edinburgh. So if you’re seeking merriment, be at the ADC at 11pm.

ADC, at 11.00pm

BEARD – Thu 18th – Sat 20th October 2012

Matilda Wnek and Rosa Robson – both regulars on the Footlights writing team – star in a two-woman comedy called ‘Beard’, with a keyboard accompaniment. It promises ‘sketches as fresh and imaginative as they are funny and entertaining’. Yes, we can all make promises. But we can’t all get good reviews in Edinburgh.

ADC, 11.00pm

RICHARD III – Thu 18th – Fri 19th Oct

‘Now is the winter of our discontent
/ Made glorious summer by this son of York’. But not so for Richard III: Shakespeare’s unashamedly evil, deformed King finds happiness only in villainy. Not many people have ventured into the Judith E Wilson drama studio before: here’s a reason to. It might make your winter of discontent glorious.

Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, 6.30pm