Exclusive Interview: Man Vs Booze

We catch up with the booze superhero of YouTube in his final and only interview.

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Hi MvB. How are you?


Your third episode, ‘Man vs Vodka’, has had more than 330,000 hits. What’s it like being a YouTube phenomenon?

I like turtles.

Tribute videos such as ‘Man V Booze Dubstep Remix!!!’ are a credit to your fan base. What’s your relationship with these fans?

I love my fans, especially my fans in Africa.

Have you used your internet fame to pull?

No, I may be famous now, but I’m still ginger.

You recently consumed 160 alcohol units onscreen in two weeks. That’s impressive. Have there been some serious off-screen hangovers?

Hangover isn’t in my dictionary.

You faked an admission to hospital because you were worried you were ‘sending out the wrong message’. What was your intended message?

I didn’t expect people to mimic my actions so had to pull the plug as I had become the ‘poster boy for binge drinking’ and I didn’t really want that.  I just wanted people to appreciate the humour and ridiculousness of it all, not copy it.


Do you have more than one liver?

Well you know cows have four stomachs?  I have four livers.

One sad Youtube soul claims to see you as a surrogate father figure. How does that make you feel?

It makes me feel sorry for them.

Judging by films, men who drink heavily are usually either two dimensional or have daddy issues. Which are you, if either?

I’m a man of mystery.

What did you make of being called a ‘”foolish” student’ in the Daily Mail’s headline?

It hurt a little, but they have a point.

Scotch or bourbon?

I’m a custard cream man myself, not too into bourbons.

Will you be putting your signature vest and ski mask on ebay?

Maybe baby.

And, finally – should we conclude that Man defeated Booze?

Of course I defeated booze, I never lose.

Cheers for the chat MVB, and… Adios.

Ciao for now.