Loyd GROSS-man

Cantab Loyd Grossman is in hot water after his korma was found to contain deadly poison.

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Celeb chef and Cantab Loyd Grossman’s sauces have caused a stir after poisonous toxins were found in his sauce.

Toxins which cause life-threatening botulism were found in two jars of Grossman’s korma curry sauce.

The PhD Art Historian’s face adorns the front of every jar, with the sensuous pull-quote: “I love the combination of double cream, coconut and almonds in this mild curry sauce.”

But mild is the last thing the reactions to the sauce has been, with two children hospitalised in Scotland. The toxins are the deadliest naturally occurring poison in the world; the NHS says just 500g “is enough to kill every human being on the planet.

Sauce of the problem – Grossman’s korma

The news has certainly shaken things up – 47,000 jars from the batch have been recalled, although the sauce of the outbreak remains unconfirmed.

It’s bhuna difficult time for Grossman, who already has a lot on his plate studying at Magdalene College. He is said to be “very distressed and upset” by the news.

Students, on the other hand, don’t seem to be taking the risk too seriously. Seb Aston-Deaville, a second-year NatSci from Selwyn, joked: “Any student rich enough to afford Loyd Grossman sauces is probably at John’s anyway – they’re no great loss. Basics range all the way!”

Will the incident mean a drop in sales of Grossman’s sauces, or will people tikka chance and curry on buying anyway?