Life and Cindies Spared Chop

Club owners Luminar slashed 11 clubs from their portfolio, but Cindies and Life were both saved.

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Cindies and Life have survived the first round of club closures by owners Luminar.

The entertainment giants, who went into administration last week, yesterday announced the immediate closure of 11 “non-core” venues out of their total of 76.

But Cambridge clubbers can rejoice that our two gems haven’t been included in this number, as it demonstrates, as we all clearly know, the the clubs are worth keeping.

Simon Burdus, managing director of Big Fish Ents, told The Tab “this shows the strength of both the Cambridge venues, and is hopefully a good sign for getting them sold on.”

Students have been overjoyed by the news. Third year Girtonian Holly Lovering told The Tab: “This may be the best news Cambridge has had in a long time. Cambridge is not Cambridge without the usual twice-weekly dose of sweaty cheese.”

Cindies in full swing

The cull affected low-performing clubs nationwide, from Brighton to Sunderland, and results in the instant loss of some 300 jobs.

Ernst and Young, the big wigs called in to sort out the mess, made the decision to axe the dross, leaving behind “a core estate of profitable clubs.”

A spokesperson added that these core clubs “have attracted interest from a number of potential buyers”, which can only be good news for the preservation of Cambridge’s nightlife.

Ernst and Young also confirmed that the remaining clubs will “continue to trade as normal” while the search for a buyer continues.

How can YOU make a difference?

Do you want to help save two of Cambridge’s most historic landmarks? (Cindies and Life obv).

The best way to save them is to spend money at the clubs. We need to show the owners that these venues are crucial Cantab pulling and drinking venues. So get on the lash, and remember, it’s for a good cause.