Golden Prigs – Guide Dog Awards Easter 2011

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG barks out the winners of the GOLDEN PRIG awards, then falls to heel while you vote for the rest.

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The panel has spoken. And who are you to disagree?

Here’s what the people who know think, and what the people who think know. You can have your say further down; but for now, read and be improved.

The Golden Prigs Easter 2011

Best Mainshow – All My Sons

“some of the performances could have easily been seen on a national stage.”

“head down to the ADC for a night of intense emotion and beautiful acting”

Huge thanks to the Tab for this award, though most of the credit must go to my two fantastic producers, tech team, and a talented and wonderful cast, each and every one of whom made the show a great experience and a fantastic piece of theatre (I mostly turned up to rehearsals and tolerated Will Attenborough’s dubious choice of t-shirts)” Director Niall Wilson

Best Lateshow – Once Upon a Dream

“I couldn’t recommend a more motivating (legal) lift than going to see this performance

“Tonight will be the Disney-est night of your life”

“On behalf of all the singers, players and technical team for Once Upon A Dream, Ben Atkinson and I are delighted to accept this award. The show was a dream to put together and we were thrilled by the response it got from those students who came and had to admit afterwards in the bar that they had been harbouring a secret love for Disney songs for years. Thank you to all The Tab’s readers who came – we were blessed with really supportive audiences and were sad to say goodbye to the show at the end of its run.” – Henry Scarlett – musical director

Best New Play – Armageddapocalypse 2.5

Unsurprisingly given the cast’s credentials, the comic acting was faultless

“Silly, loud and jaw-achingly funny, Armageddapocalypse 2.5: Armagedinburgh lived up to its promise”

On learning of their victory,  cast-members Lucien Young and James Moran told us “The words of The Tab are as the baying of dogs to us. Your approbation devalues all that we have done.”

Just for the record, I don’t bay. I orate with occasional growls.

Best Musical Show – Terrible Lips

“difficult to describe with conventional musical vocabulary”


“the opera’s spectacular aesthetic, its dramatic moments and fast-paced language ensured that it was a thoroughly enjoyable event to watch.”

“We’re really pleased to know that people had a good time watching Terrible Lips; it was a bizarre experiment and we are already working on the next one. A new version of Bonesong and a re-worked Unknown Position are showing at C Venues at this year’s Edinburgh Festival” – Finn Beames and Kate Whitley, writers

Worst Slating – Romeo and Juliet

Informed and well-judged” / “This article is pretentious shit”

Up there with our most controversial pieces ever, at three stars this has the odd quality of not being very insulting but still drawing in excess of 60 comments that make The Mail Online feel like a friendly and respectful place. But you commenters and your fetid, ill-expressed opinions are part of what makes Tab Theatre what it is – so let’s revel in it. At least it’s not dull.


And on the note of ill-expressed opinions, here’s your chance to vote.

First up, new-born Services to Theatre award, whose reader-elected nominees I’ll announce right now:

Carmen Elektra – for shaking up opera (review; review)

The Fletcher Players – for the Corpus Playroom renovation

The Movement – for controversy and plays (blog; review; review; controversy)

TCS – for outstanding theatre coverage

Tony Dent – for a ludicrous number of behind-the-scenes credits, and for being “the nicest, most hardworking, talented and professional out of all the techies.”

Now the awards you knew about already (more information here):

Vote well. And check back on Monday for the winners to see what a mess you’ve made.