Charlie Chalks Up Visit

Prince Charles will visit the University on Monday, it was announced today.

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Julian Assange, James Watson, Antonin Scalia. Now add Prince Charles to the royal rumble of visitors to Cambridge this week.

Charlie will be gracing Corpus with his presence, before crowning the visit with a reception at the Fitzwilliam Musuem as he makes a whistle-stop tour of Cambridgeshire on Monday.

The Prince will be clocking in at Corpus on Monday

President of the National Trust, the Prince of Wales will be giving a speech as part of British Tourism Week at Anglesey Abbey to the north-east of the city.

There have been suggestions that the royals should streamline their budgets in light of the current economic climate. In the week, Charles has made exotic visits to Bury St. Edmunds, Staffordshire and Wimbledon, while the Queen is set to jet off to Ireland later this year.

Cynical Fresher David Wilson told The Tab: “this visit and his entire existence are a complete waste of time and money.”

Chazza is not short of Cambridge connections. He did a degree here, graduating from Trinity in 1970 with a regal 2:2 archaeology, anthropology and history, although legend has it his bodyguard took the final exams too and walked out with a 2.1.

On top of that, his dad is the long-serving Chancellor of the University, and his son William is being tipped to become Duke of Cambridge, when he marries Kate Middleton next month. All in all a royally good lot.