Huppert: “Education Should Be Free”

MP Julian Huppert said Lib Dems were still committed to scrapping tuition fees last week, but one audience member called him a “liberal bastard”.

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Julian Huppert said “education should be free” and that it is “still is Lib Dem policy” to scrap fees during a talk last Friday.

In a talk on tuition fees at St John’s college last Friday Cambridge MP Julian Huppert said the Lib Dems were “still committed to finding a way to get rid of fees.

But he added that given the economic circumstances, “there’s no point promising things which you simply cannot do.”

Huppert said the Lib Dems want to “phase out” tuition fees as money becomes available.

He also tried to attribute blame to both Labour and the Conservatives for their role in increasing fees.

But many audience members were unhappy with the talk, and Huppert faced repeat interruptions from the audience.

Things came to a head when one audience member stood up and condemned Huppert before walking out. Many other audience members then followed him, one person shouting “liberal bastard” as they left.

Only 26 students attended.

Watch CUTV’s exclusive coverage of the talk below: