Scott Dunn With Varsity

Holiday providers Scott Dunn have decided to withdraw sponsorship of the Ski Trip after hearing what students got up to.

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Spoilsport holiday provider Scott Dunn are withdrawing their sponsorship of the Varsity Ski Trip after hearing about students’ antics.

The luxury holiday provider was left unimpressed after being told about the lengths some skiers went to during the annual Valley Rally.

Teams of four raced down the mountain whilst completing challenges, competing to win a luxury holiday worth £5,000.

Challenges included breaking an egg “in the most creative manner possible,” stripping down on the slopes and eating a bucket of snow.

Photos taken from past trips show what students get up to

For the egg challenge, a team from St. Anne’s College, Oxford put an egg between the buttocks of one team member, before smashing it with a wine bottle and eating it. This valiant effort helped push the team to victory.

The runners up pissed on their buckets of ice to make a urine slushie in the ice bucket challenge.

Varsity Trip’s website sums up the scoring system for the rally: “success means points and points mean prizes.”

First year linguist Effie Stoodley explained: “I was watching people eating their own vomit, and everyone was pretty much naked.” She added: “one guy did a back flip on a snowboard, while his mates pissed on him – which was pretty extravagant.”

But Scott Dunn failed to see the funny side. In a statement given to The Telegraph, they announced the withdrawal of their sponsorship due to “inappropriate behaviour.”

They added: “The organisers of the Valley Rally and Varsity Trip did not inform Scott Dunn of the nature of the challenges throughout the negotiations for sponsorship.”

Tom Breeze, an English fresher who was part of the 500-strong crowd watching on, said: “I wasn’t offended at all by it. These guys obviously just hate students having fun.