Oxbridge Varsity Trip: Updates From The Alps

Friday 11.33am: “Last night Calvin Harris and Jack Beats ended VT2010 in style. From us it is au revoir et salut.”

skiing varsity trip

On Friday night, 1,124 of Cambridge’s finest migrated to the French Alps for the annual festival of booze, babes and alpine sport which is the Oxbridge Varsity Trip. While they are there, The Tab will be keeping abreast of their indiscretions with this blog, including photos of the best couples in the ‘Chairlift of Love’, a special ‘Fit Skier’ feature and gossip from the accomodation as the tabs get to know the Dark Side a little better.


Friday 11.33am

Last night Calvin Harris and Jack Beats ended VT2010 in style.

It’s been a wonderful week in the Alps and the only complaints seem to be from the surprisingly numerous participants who have ended up with broken bones and injured muscles.

Look out for all the trip’s photos at the official Flickr account.

From us it is au revoir et salut.

Thursday 12.59pm

The Dark Blue contingent in the Alps might be worried about their team’s prospects at Twickenham but at least they can take comfort in the Skiing Varsity Match, where Oxford were dominant.

The Other Place won the Blues, seconds and thirds men’s team events. Cambridge’s women Blues won their competition, but Oxford swept up the seconds and thirds competitions.

Each competitor had to complete two Grand Slalom runs in the morning and two Slalom runs in the evening, in front of a cheering crowd.

Cambridge however provided the fastest two skiers, with Trinity’s Pete Calvert beating Henry Delacave by just 0.18 seconds. Oxford’s Abby Millward was the quickest girl, with a combined time of 3.03.83.

Wednesday 11.43pm

The ‘Mountain Meal’ is a supposed to be a highlight of the Varsity Trip itinerary because it gives diners a rare chance to ski despite having surrendered most of their faculties to Bacchus’ finest offerings at the preceding supper.

Our spies at last night’s meal have confirmed that the public antics of one New College-Newnham couple made the event memorable for another reason. Photos of everything suitable for our family newspaper are below.

Wednesday 11.01am

The committee have made a very short video of DJ Yoda at the opening night party. Essentially it just proves that he was there. But here it is.


Monday 11.28am

Yesterday’s collective enthusiasm for getting onto the slopes at 8am was this morning replaced with hangovers and walks of shame through rainy Val Thorens. The opening night party, featuring an on-form DJ Yoda and a 3D disco, was met with a generally positive reaction. The event’s star certainly seemed pleased, posting on his Twitter last night: “Can’t say I was expecting a crowd of 3000 on a Sunday night in the Alps. But that’s what I got!”.

Memories of year’s wardrobe malfunction, which saw angry revellers storming the chaotic cloakroom to reclaim their garments, were supposed to have been exorcised last night with ‘the biggest cloakroom in the Alps’. Despite the consolation of the “fitties giving out the coat vouchers”, the 20 minute queue was the only notable dampener on a successful night.

Photos of last night’s festivities.

The bad weather has meant that the late-risers haven’t missed out on very much – several runs have been closed and the spitting rain has turned yesterday’s crisp snow to icy slosh on some of the popular slopes.

The ‘Chairlift of Love’ is happening this lunch time, with the committee suggesting in a text to all participants that today “may be your lucky day”. We’ll post some photos of the inevitable awkwardness later today.