Cambridge Music Guide: Week 6

DAVID HOLLAND takes you through some of this week’s musical highlights.

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A run down of some of the musical highlights happening in Cambridge this week:

Tuesday 16th – Chase and Status – The Junction£14
The electric production duo head up a night at the junction that should promise, if nothing else, to be loud. Expect pounding bass lines, wired preppy tits and some genuinely great drum n bass. There new album comes out at the start of next year and it will be massive, so enjoy them before ticket prices doubles. They’re renowned as one of Britain’s best live drum and bass acts and previous sets they have played have been phenomenal.

Wednesday 17th – Klaxons – The Junction – £16
Their first albums managed to bridge the gap between pretentious indie and artistic originality. Their second album definitely stood out from the rest of the crowd but didn’t succeed in being as catchy or as enjoyable as the first. Their sort of acid-psych-funk-rock makes for unpredictable live performances, but they’re supposed to be energetic and apathetic at the same time. Intriguing.

Wednesday 17th – Spectrasoul – Emma Ents – £5/£4 before 22:00
Emma bar continues to give an impressive line up ‘alternative’ DJs aiming to counter the mediocrity of the Spotify top 50 play list we’re all used to dancing to. Spectrasoul aren’t that big but they blend drum and bass and down-tempo Electronica to give a genuinely interesting sound. Their skills on the decks also outclass their lack of recognition and the fact that they are described as ‘pushing the boundaries’ isn’t even that much of an over statement.

Monday 22nd – Motörhead – The Corn Exchange – £26
Vintage hard-rock band Motörhead are woeful. The gig, I’m sure, will be a lot of fun, but any band that has lasted 35 years using one song is always going to be on the back foot. Yeah they’re prolific in terms of albums but how many songs can you actually think of? If it’s your cup of tea I’m sure you will love it but the mix of Jack Daniels, speed and Zimmer-frames means they’re not as ‘rock and roll’ as they once were.

Monday 22nd – Athlete – The Junction – £16.50
The softly spoken pop-rock rockers received a lot of acclaim (including a Mercury nomination) early in their careers. Post platinum selling with 2005’s Vehicles and Animals however they have never really been back in the public light. Despite past acclaims don’t anticipate anything too original; pleasant and easy listening is what you’re going to get. Not that that’s a bad thing, just expect a lot of virginal teenage girls throwing BHS multi-pack thongs onto the stage.