EXCLUSIVE: Fitzwilliam Winter Ball headliners revealed

There’ll be something for everyone on the night

Emotional stages of an essay crisis as told through classic rock songs

Books and desks and rock and roll

EXCLUSIVE: UK chart topper to headline Jesus May Ball

Oh Jesus! 

Headliner Revealed: We’d rather be at St John’s May Ball

Often revered as the ‘party may ball’, John’s newly released headline acts will not disappoint ticket holders.

Game of Genres Week 3

Have your say Cambridge – will it be EDM, Rock or Acoustic that wins this week?


COSMO GODFREE has his soul healed by the gospel-rock of Spiritualized.

Mystery Jets

Despite being in cowboy disguise, COSMO GODFREE still reckons the Mystery Jets are as good as ever.

Culture Column 3 – Cosmo Godfree

Cambridge’s musical deprivation is not all it seems, says COSMO GODFREE.

The Fall

COSMO GODFREE falls arse-over-tits for a deranged 54 year old and his cronies.

Katy B

COSMO GODFREE: Feels alienated from the critically aclaimed musician.

The Beat

COSMO GODFREE takes a history lesson in ska with the recently reformed legends of the genera. Up yours, Thatcher.

Zun Zun Egui

COSMO GODFREE enjoys the enigmatic, genera-busting, psychedelic rockers strut their stuff in controlled chaos.

Noah and the Whale

PETE SKIDMORE gets completely blown away by these cheery indie chappies.

The Crookes

COSMO GODFREE muses on the future of a poetic Northern band and their performance in a pub.

Interview: Boy Mandeville

DAVID HOLLAND talks to local band BOY MANDEVILLE. Boobs, class A drugs and fire extinguishers may or may not be involved.

Noah and the Whale

MONA EBERT & ERIC HAMBRO check out Noah and the Whale: “Old debut album tracks were successfully rejuvenated, and the collective harmonies gave earlier collaborations with Laura Marling a run for their money.”


DAVID HOLLAND reviews Feeder: ‘just a little bit better than ‘meh”.

The Bravery

JENNA CORDEROY: The Bravery live up to the name of punk as they smash back onto the UK music scene

Music Listings: Week 4

Our music editors bring you week 4’s musical offerings.

Gig Guide: Week 2

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