Sofa Sports Week 5

This week showcases the more humorous side of sport, featuring Alan Partridge and Ron Burgundy.

sofa sports

This week showcases the more humorous side of sport. Prominent personalities include Alan Partridge and Ron Burgundy.

This first video is far better than the opening sentiment suggests. It must have taken a hell of a long time to put all the clips together but the end product is a must watch for all procrastinators.


As mentioned at the start the world of sport is not entirely testosterone fuelled, although Paul O’Connell and John Henderson would perhaps disagree. And yet, amidst all this madness a funny man lurks. Whether it comes in the form of Alf Ramsay’s porn dungeon or the outrageous Ron Burgundy or Dav Mitchell, there’s a sporting spoof out there for everyone.

Sport adverts are veritable treasure chest of funny stuff. Umbro opted for the sexual with this cheeky ad while these guys loff a bit of slap stick. Paddy power specialise in smug ads. Super bowl ads, costing around $3million, are the best.


The final video concerns Deion “Prime Time” Sanders. For those uninitiated in the greatness of Sanders he was one of the greatest athletes in history. He remains the only player to hit a home run in MLB and score a touchdown in the NFL on the same day. Plus, he was arguably the greatest defensive back in the history of the NFL and the epitome of a “shut down corner”. In the clip below he reacts to being selected as the 40th best player American football player ever.