YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Five

TOBY LUCKHURST brings you a cat with “eyes haunting and wide like Sauron after a night on the dope”. It’s another selection of YouTube Videos Of The Week.

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Dramatic Cat (plus orchestral score)

An ominous swell of strings. A brief and fear-inducing pause. A thrill of notes. All the while, a small cat watches a stream of totally unconnected images – a polar bear, random Japanese symbols, a man in a woolly hat – which adds unbearably to the psychological tension. And then the crescendo. The cats head swivels, a terrible and furry pastiche of “The Exorcist”, eyes haunting and wide like Sauron after a night on the dope. Frankly, I don’t know whether to laugh at this little kitty or cry for the fate of humanity.


If you liked this then you’ll love… Blind Football – Paddy Power Advert

If after watching Dramatic Cat you now have a nascent phobia of all things feline, then this video will immediately assuage your fears. A cat is daft enough to run onto the pitch, bell ringing, and then is even more daft in not managing to avoid the hefty boot of one of the confused players. I’m pretty sure the oppressed undergrads at Catz would love to see this done to their Dean.