Lord of the Rings

John’s forges exclusive signet rings for students

Freshly smelted in the fires of Mordor

YOU SHALL PASS: Gandalf to get honorary doctorate

May the hair on his toes never fall out! All praise to his wine and ale! Sir Ian McKellen is among the honorary graduands this term, reports CHARLIE BELL.

The Best Places to Cry in Cambridge

BETH SWORDS asks are you crying in the right place and in the right way? You are now.

Tab Meets: Sylvester McCoy

MATTHEW KEMP went down to the Union on Sunday night joining hordes of fans to listen to the Seventh Doctor, Sylvestor McCoy speak about Time Lords, Hedgehogs and Spoons.

The Tab Meets…Rowan Williams

Current Master of Magdalene and ex-Archbishop of Canterbury talks to JAMIE WEBB about homosexuality, gender equality, and those Game of Thrones rumours…

Film Music to Write Essays By – Part 2

JOHANNES RUCKSTUHL picks out the perfect soundtrack to accompany your supervision work woes.

The Tab Meets: “Overheard at Cambridge”

CLAUDIA LEONG speaks to Emma Riordan, co-founder of the “Overheard in Cambridge” Facebook group.

Vic Sautter: Week 8

In her final column, VIC bids a fond farewell to Cambridge and imparts some words of wisdom.

Cambridge’s Wackiest Societies

Dotted in every college are those societies that seem to border or simply topple over the line of bizarreness entirely. RUBY CONGJANG WANG investigates.

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Five

TOBY LUCKHURST brings you a cat with “eyes haunting and wide like Sauron after a night on the dope”. It’s another selection of YouTube Videos Of The Week.

Bored of the Rings

A Cambridge woman has spent her entire life savings producing a new prequel to The Lord of the Rings – in the forests of East Anglia.

Society Spy: Treasure Trap

Dungeons, dragons, drunkards and damsels in distress: The Treasure Trap Society.

Society Spy: You Spin Me Right Round Baby

Grab a partner and join the Round, Cambridge’s Folk Dancing Soc. Yes.