Cambridge Trivia

Think you know your stuff about Cambridge? You might not be able to get through a supervision without complete mental breakdown but if you know your trivia you’ll get on fine in our quiz. Take it here.

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Most people at the University of Cambridge have lots of useful knowledge, the type that might one day help them to win a Nobel Prize or change the course of history. But sometimes, useless facts are paradoxically more useful: it might make you seem funny/witty in a supervision to distract from your lack of preparation, it might help you win some beer funds at a pub quiz, or it might simply help you find your way to Sainsbury’s to feast on its life-sustaining Basics range .

Take The Tab‘s Cambridge trivia quiz here – freshers, how much have you picked up? Older students, how much have you absorbed over the past year/s at this esteemed university?

Take our Cambridge Trivia Quiz