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Cambridge English Professor in court over possession of indecent images of children

He faced a total of 12 allegations

Christmas Comes Early? Lecturers to Strike. Again.

Lectures may well end a day early this term, as uni staff plan further industrial action


Tab Fashion is back with a vengeance. And there’s milk!

Vic Sautter: Week 7

This week, VIC addresses the somewhat concerning issue of there being too many beautiful people in Cambridge.

Drunk Interviews

Lola Lo Down in reverse? A drunk Hunter Allen hits Sidgwick.

A Guide To: Museums in Cambridge

Got a free afternoon? Why not do something a bit cultural for a change?

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD experiences indecent exposure. And public humiliation. In one day.

Blog: Lady Mitchell Hall Occupation

The occupation keeps going, but lectures have started to be moved as a result. A big few days await.

Street Style

Tab Fashion takes to the Sidgwick site to see what the best dressed of Cambridge are choosing for the library.

US Uni Sexes Up Lectures

An American uni has controversially used live sex shows in their lectures. The Tab asks if it would make students here more likely to brave a 9am at Sidgwick.

Tab Tries – Living Well Within Your Means

KATIE MAIR’s task was to live off £3 a day for three days. Read how she got on here.

Cambridge Graffiti

CATHERINE MOUSDALE AND MAX FAYERS took to Cambridge’s streets and toilet cubicles – not in a weird way – in order to find some of the town’s most creative and bewildering graffiti.

Cambridge Trivia

Think you know your stuff about Cambridge? You might not be able to get through a supervision without complete mental breakdown but if you know your trivia you’ll get on fine in our quiz. Take it here.

Society Spy: Treasure Trap

Dungeons, dragons, drunkards and damsels in distress: The Treasure Trap Society.