Duke’s Dirty Dissertation

A mock “sex thesis” by an ex-student from one of America’s top Universities has been accidentally leaked online.

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One of America’s top Universities faced scandal this week when a mock “sex thesis” by one of its ex-students was accidentally leaked online.

The so-called “Official F**k list” was originally meant as a joke between friends, but things got out of hand, and on Friday the report appeared on Twitter.

Karen Owen, who graduated this year from Duke University in North Carolina, wrote the report whilst in her final year at Duke.

The report itself is presented as a 42-page PowerPoint presentation on so called “horizontal academia”.

In it, Owen ranks 13 of her lovers, mostly Lacrosse Players, before presenting her “findings” in a bar graph, which is topped by one man scoring a phenomenal 10.25/10. She then goes on to describe her sexual encounters in graphic detail.

Controversially, Owen uses the real names, as well as pictures, of the men who she examines in the report.

Her partners are ranked according to criteria of “Physical Attractiveness”, “Size” of his so-called “Hardware”, “Talent” and “Creativity” in the bedroom, “Aggressiveness”, “Entertainment”, “Athletic Ability”, and so called “Bonus” points, which are awarded for things such as “an Australian accent and/or professional surfing skills”, and deducted for “rudeness or being Canadian.”

Owen’s exploits include “hooking up”, as she puts it, with a guy less than a week after sleeping repeatedly with the poor man’s roommate.

Owen’s lays also crop up incredibly often in each other’s stories, so that when we hear how Owen got together with “Subject 8”, she sits next to “Subject 11” on the cab back, and later has sex with “Subject 10” in “Subject 8’s bed”.

The leak has caused embarrassment for both Karen Owen and Duke University.

One Duke University Senior, Nicole Queathem, 22, said “It makes me ashamed that the Duke name is attached to what she’s done”

However, not everyone sees the report as a bad thing. Jessie Tang, a Duke senior said, “I guess like the inner feminist in me was pretty excited at first when I saw it. I was like yeah, good for her, this is awesome.”

Owen herself has not commented on the report, but Jezebel.com, the website that leaked the report, say they have spoken to her and while she regrets “unintentionally violated the privacy of her partners, [she] does not feel badly about actually having sex with them.”

Only four years ago Duke University’s Lacrosse team was involved in another scandal, when a stripper at a party accused three of the Blue’s players of raping her, however all men were subsequently cleared.

The Power Point presentation can be read in full HERE.