They Didn’t Guttenplan For That!

SPOILER ALERT: This article will reveal the winner of University Challenge 2010.

guttenplan oxford bashing paxman university challenge

Emma have become the first Cambridge college in 15 years to win University Challenge.

They beat St. John's Oxford by 315 – 110 to take the title, an effort described by host Jeremy Paxman as "a fantastic performance".

Trinity's victory in 1995 was the last time any Tab college has lifted the trophy, and Emma become only the fifth one to do so, the others being Churchill, Sidney and Fitz.

Emma's triumph rounds off a dominant Easter weekend for Cambridge, after both Light Blue boats won on the Thames on Saturday – all confirming our university's intellectual and sporting superiority over the other place.

After the match team captain and internet sensation Alex Guttenplan said: "We came together as a team as the competition went on, and that's what made the difference between losing our first-round match and winning in the final.

"We've come up against some great teams, both as competitors and as people – we hope they stay in touch."

Guttenplan hit the headlines last week after an interview with The Tab in which he light-heartedly pointed out that Paxman often mispronounces words on the show.

The quotes resulted in the Emma captain featuring on the front page of Friday's the Daily Telegraph.


Friday's Daily Telegraph shot Guttenplan to fame with its report on his exclusive Tab interview.

As the team's victory unfolded on BBC 1 this evening fans on the various Facebook groups dedicated to Guttenplan congratulated them on the result.

One female admirer wrote "Alex was so cute, especially when he held up the trophy at the end! Bless his little cotton socks!" while another commented that team-mate Andy Hastings is "the best looking of the lot".

Tab writer Ed Cumming writes about his encounter with an 11 year-old Alex Guttenplan in The Telegraph today.