Tab Team Style

Editors of your favourite “controversial student newspaper” make some controversial fashion choices in Week 8

Tab team style


Most people are flagging a bit by Week 8, as were Team Tab in the style stakes.


Let's start with Joshi, outgoing (clock that double entendre) Editor. Not only is he a big-time journo, we hear he's a fairly good rower and plays a bit of rugger. An impressive résumé to say the least, so it would just be depressing if he also managed to dress like a would-be fashion stylist. As it turns out, he hasn't. There's nothing wrong with his outfit per se, especially given that the occasion was but a casual Sunday evening at Tab HQ.
His outfit is distinctly… average. Jeans, hoodie, scarf (which we're not sure really goes with that hoodie), (admittedly nice) coat: all pretty standard fare. Which is fair enough.


Leonie, Features Editor, is an established fashionista and we're loving her stylish monochrome top-cum-dress. It's nicely paired with a statement necklace, and cleverly dressed down a bit with that grey slouchy cardigan. However, we're not so sure about the purple tights. A welcome change from ubiquitous black, or simply a mismatch?


Coloured tights: a recurrent fashion dilemma, but one my brain is struggling to solve while in a typical end-of-term state. Come to think of it, those extra faded jeans worn by Joshi could also be considered a slightly contentious choice (albeit not quite as controversial as yellow chinos, featured earlier this term in Tab Team Style). That being said, the items individually do look good so maybe they just need to be teamed with different pieces in order to make them really work. I'll leave you to ponder the divisive items in question (if you feel like doing so, you may well not) while I hang up my editorial shoes.