Oi, Churchill! What’s all this about police brutality?

A Churchill student was hospitalized after trying to escape from police dogs by jumping off a roof.

Alsations bottling Churchill police attack

A Churchill student required medical treatment after he was MAULED by police dogs inside college in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

The student, who is rumoured to have been involved in the alleged bottle attack which took place at Churchill Springball, was seen on the roof of the college by undergrads at around 12.15am and the porters were alerted.

Unable to identify the intruder or coax him down, porters alerted the University security service who ultimately called the police. By 1am the student had left the roof but after refusing to stop was set upon by police Alsatians.

Richard Partington, Senior Tutor of Churchill, told The Tab: “A suspect was apprehended when fleeing the scene by a police dog. This unfortunate incident was nothing major and no arrests were made.”

The student was first seen on the roof of an accommodation block, but was able to move around the entire Churchill site, because all the buildings in the college are connected (see below).

Not their finest hour: The site where police released dogs on a student

One onlooker told The Tab: “It was hard to make out who it was on the roof, so college authorities were understandably concerned for our safety.”

University and college authorities have been particularly vigilant against security threats in recent months, after a number of intrusions and cases of lead-stripping in Cambridge colleges.

Porters and police were unable to identify the student because he was wearing a black hoodie, and had refused to respond to their calls.

After the student had jumped down from the roof, police called on him to stop 5 times, but the suspect did not stop. He maintains that he did not hear their calls.

The student was taken to Addenbrooke’s and treated for dog bites, but returned home that morning fully recovered. He was not arrested.