The Tab’s Top Ten Tracks

After TCS ripped us off this week, GEORGE OSBORN covers covers.

Beatles Radiohead Cat Power Covers Guillemots Hendrix Muse Osborn Presley Sid Vicious Stealing Theft

After the glorious news was announced that the Tab has achieved a million hits in a little over 6 months, I was reflecting on how the site might have influenced others and maybe given people some new ideas. And then I opened this weeks TCS. What’s that in the music section? Is it a weekly Spotify playlist that their readers can listen to? I think it is. I wonder where that idea came from? But then I stopped being annoyed and realised that they had given me some great inspiration for a new playlist. So, in honour of their most blatant piece of stealing since they nicked their new design from Varsity, I thought it was only fair to show them musical examples of how to cover something. And unlike the TCS article, do it well.

The Tab's Top Ten Covers

Hound Dog – Elvis Presley Classic rock n roll version of Lieber and Stoller’s 1952 rock n roll number that somehow only got to number two in the charts.

All along the Watchtower – The Jimi Hendrix Experience Head down in shame if you don’t know this one. Such a good cover that Bob Dylan actually sought the licence off Hendrix for his own live act, it takes a decent folk song and turns it into scintillating psychadelia.

My Way – Sid Vicious Taking the title literally, Vicious takes the basic song structure and lobs half the lyrics, class and style out of the window in favour of a punky, poorly sung, guitar ridden monster. And that’s why it’s quality.

Feeling Good – Muse Hinting for the first time their future direction towards to rock opera, Feeling Good is a raucous rock version of a Broadway classic with Matt Bellamy’s vocals displaying characteristic strengths.

Ob La Di Ob La Da – Youssou N’dour A Beatles song that sounds better when covered, N’dour’s African inspired beats narrowly edge out the numerous superb reggae covers that exist in the interweb.

Take Me Out – Guillemots Covering one of the greatest singles of the Noughties is a steep challenge, but this clattering chaotic cover displays everything we came to expect from Guillemots more excitable moments.

Naked if I want to – Cat Power Moby Grape original, Chan Marshall’s typically soul style and beautiful vocals suit the song perfectly. From her superb “Covers Record”, if you fancy checking out some more her version of (Can’t get no) Satisfaction is definitely interesting.

The Nurse who loved me – A Perfect Circle The original Failure version is abysmal pseudo grunge. Which makes it weird that Pseudo metallers  A Perfect Circle’s cover is such a fantastically beautiful melodic number that tugs at the heart strings. Genuinely heart rending.

Knives Out – Christopher O’Reily From his occasionally brilliant, occasionally terrible Radiohead covers album True Love Waits, this excellent version of Knives Out takes the impending clatter and roll of dread and coats it with the icy chill of ivory. Haunting and lovingly crafted.

Viva La Vida – Coldplay A frankly brilliant and at times night on note perfect cover of Joe Satriani’s "If I could fly", it’s hard to think of a better cover on the list….hang on, what do you mean it’s not a cover?

Spotify users click here to listen to George's playlist.

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