What is *sexy* now?

LVJ takes sexy back. By force.

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Sexy is a horrific word. Pummelled by feminists the world over, it conjures images of fishnet stockinged try-hards with too much make up and too little cover up. Bluntly: trashy. It suggests women dressing for men, trying to achieve the Marilyn desirability. Not any more. We’re 50 years after the suffrage and the right to vote is just the beginning. We’re taking the word ‘sexy’ back.

Sexy isn’t covering everything up; it’s about suggesting what’s underneath. A flash of black bra is sexy; nipple skimming cleavage is not. A pencil skirt that emphasises your butt but doesn’t flash your crotch. A top that loosely skims the top of your jeans, showing the tiniest bit of toned stomach- not tight and cropped to just below the bra.

It’s about looking low maintenance, not so perfectly turned out that people are scared to touch you should they mess up that perfectly coiffed hair. Kate Moss does this bedhead look fabulously. Great mascara, some kohl.  Perfume, and a bright red lip.

Lace is always hot and there’s some gorgeous pieces out there now. Chiffon is wonderfully subtle. You can’t go wrong with baby soft cashmere. And the androgynous look is always a win, so don’t be afraid to steal your boyfriends shirt.

All else fails, add heels. There’s a reason women are obsessed with shoes.