K-Oar Blimey

King’s College rowers wreaked NAKED havoc on a visit to Cambridge last weekend.

Rowdy students from King’s College London were spotted frolicking naked in the Cam this Sunday.

30 rowers from the boat club at the London University came to Cambridge on a tour dubbed “The Spy Who Ginned Me.”
The tour ended with the initiations of the fresher rowers.

In the early afternoon the freshers, male and female, were told to go skinny-dipping in the Cam to the shock of onlookers which, given the time of day, included families with children.

The barman at the Mill reported that the older members of the club left the stripped freshers stranded in the Cam as they scarpered with their clothes.

The raucous bunch then moved onto the Anchor, some of them still naked.

Staff at the Anchor claim that they caused such havoc in the pub that they couldn’t take any other customers for the two hours they were there.

Despite the managers attempts to avoid confrontation the group were eventually ejected and barred from the premises.

Evidently carnage was always the order of the weekend as the Freshers were told by the “Fresher Captains” to bring a bottle of gin each and reminded that they would be drinking it.

The Club’s Cambridge tour is annual event and considered a highlight of the social calender.

It seems that this year was no different as one member if the Boat Club posted on the Club’s message board: “Well done to all the freshers for both the rowing and some great banter.”

Other posts detail the weekend’s debauchery and includes a reference to going “King sized”.

One female med student wrote: “Do I need any vaccines before going South of the River?” with the reply: “No vaccines needed on your part but as you are ICSM i shall be forced to double bag… just in case.”

KCLBC Captain Tom Webb posted the following to KCLBC’s website: “Clearly, some of our number were spotted by the Spy Who Ginned Me.

“Although I was not in Cambridge on Sunday, I haven’t heard of any complaints during the tour, whether on the water or at the Anchor.

“I would hope that any misdemeanours be taken in good humour and that any transgressions of good grace be put in perspective.

“We hope to be back next year in finer fettle than ever. Needless to say, I apologise for any offence taken. None was intended.”