Fury Over UL Rename

The University has revealed plans to sell the University Library’s name to the highest bidder.

Cambridge Cambridge University Library durex Tab tesco UL

The University has revealed plans to PROSTITUTE out its LANDMARK library for cash.

Furious dons have slammed proposals to rename the prestigious Cambridge University Library after the highest-bidding SPONSOR, it emerged today.

In what is being marketed as the ''ultimate commemorative naming opportunity'' Cambridge is offering to retitle the iconic building to raise funds.

The library website states: ''This represents a unique opportunity to recognize an exceptional and transformative benefaction in perpetuity.''

But Professor Gill Evans, a member of the University's Regent House governing body, said staff had not been consulted over the rebranding plans.

She said: ''At this rate, one might set off for the University Library one morning to find it turned into a branch of Tesco with an internet café.'

''People get very angry about name changes – it's the kind of thing that really gets people's goat,” Evans added.

Continuing, Evans commented: ''What sort of message would be sent out if it was called Cambridge Tesco University Library? I understand there has been no consultation with library staff on any level.

The full statement on the library website said the benefaction would mark the 800th anniversary of Cambridge University's founding.

It said: ''Oxford has its Bodleian, Harvard has its Widener, Yale has its Beinecke, Manchester its Rylands.

''This represents a unique opportunity to recognise an exceptional and transformative benefaction in perpetuity. It is also an extraordinarily timely opportunity."

Anne Jarvis, Cambridge University librarian, said any money raised would go towards maintaining high academic and research standards.

She said: ''With regard to the naming of Cambridge University Library, it is completely normal for an institution of this calibre to explore the full range of fundraising opportunities open to it.”

The Tab received mixed reactions on the news from students at the UL today.

One second year art historian said, “It’s corporate bullshit. It’s just another publicity stunt the University are doing that distances the reality of the University from what it was supposed to be. It’s an academic institution, not a billboard.”

According to radical pressure group Now or Never, the renaming of the UL represents a blow to the independence of academia.

SPS-er Patrick Sheriff was less scathing: “If the money is used to ensure records are stored and protected for future generations to learn from, it’s a good idea. Books don't buy themselves.

“Depending on who wins the bid it could be a classy name too – we don’t want it to be the Durex University Library, for example, even though it would be fitting given the phallic nature of the tower!” he added.

The news comes amid the furore surrounding the renaming of major football stadiums. This week Chelsea announced the naming rights to Stamford Bridge were up for sale, and Newcastle renamed their stadium Sportsdirect.com @ St. James' Park.