CUSU in ‘Cuffs

Natalie Szarek finds herself in handcuffs once again.

CUSU cusu women's campaign szarek

CUSU Women's Officer Natalie Szarek found herself in a spot of bother when she was arrested whilst protesting in Nottinghamshire last weekend.

Szarek attended the Great Climate Swoop in an effort "to close one of the UK's biggest coal fired power stations", according to one of the Swoop's organisers.

The protest was at Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired plant on 17th and 18th October. The plant is operated by E.ON UK.

Szarek's arrest was made on suspicion of conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass and committing aggravated trespass.

Szarek told TCS, which is run by CUSU, that direct non-violent protest "is the proportionate response to the scale of the problem [against inaction on climate change]".

Szarek is well-acquainted with handcuffs.

Last December, she was convicted of aggravated trespass following her involvement in a protest at Stansted airport organised by Plane Stupid.

It is believed that Szarek's arrest will not affect her position as a sabbatical officer.

CUSU president Tom Chigbo, said  "what CUSU officers do in their personal capacities is entirely up to them".

One Trinity female student, disagreed with such sentiments. She told The Tab: "Natalie Szarek has done more to alienate the very people she represents that help them.

"CUSU Women are now seen as a group for political radicals and hard line feminists. And where does that leave the rest of us?"

Other students have found Szarek's actions less of an issue. A student at St John's College told The Tab: "It's great to see people standing up for what they believe in."

The protest was riddled with violence. One police officer was admitted to a Derby hospital with head injuries, although it is understood that this incident was unrelated to Szarek's arrest.

Szarek has been released on bail and awaits to see whether or not she will be charged.