Size 12 Beauty Emmalina Unfazed by Criticism

Emmalina Thompsell is competing in the final of Miss East Anglia today.

Cambridge student Emmalina Thompsell has defied media criticism to reach the final of Miss East Anglia, just two weeks after being spotted by talent scouts. The Caius stunner’s chances had been questioned in the national press after it was revealed that she weighs 10 stone.

Emmalina was out shopping when she was approached by a representative on the lookout for potential models who didn’t fit the stereotypical image of the competition.

Sporty Lina, who is 5ft 5in tall and boasts a 36D bra size, keeps in shape by training with the GB handball squad and captaining the Cambridge Eton fives team.

Despite being so sporty, though, the second year SPSer has come under attack for being bigger that the average size eight model.

At 10 stone Lina is far from overweight, and remains unfazed by comments in the media.

“I don’t mind if people say I’m not pretty,” she said, “that’s a subjective thing. But it’s not on to say I’m fat – because I’m just not!

“I do loads of exercise, eat healthily, and I’ve got a good lifestyle – and I’m not overweight.”

Even more shockingly, Lina told The Tab how Students in Cambridge have jumped on the bitching bandwagon – and not just by focussing on her weight.

“One girl commented on me on a forum, suggesting my intelligence was low, because she had been in supervision with me,” she said. “I don’t understand how people have the time!”

Far from generating universal criticism, however, Lina’s looks have made her an international celebrity.

She was shocked to find her facebook inbox packed with hundreds of friend requests – all from Turkish men.

After newspapers in Turkey ran her story, she gained an enormous new fan base overnight.

“They all think I’m a massive celebrity” she said. “I’m working through replying to all the requests, one by one. They’re all very complimentary”.

Lina competes in the final today – June 14th – and if  successful will reach the fiercely competitive Miss England pageant itself.