Clifton villa or Stokes Croft shack: Here’s what the location of your student house says about you

Redland residents are most likely seen with their head in the toilet after another night listening to their amateur DJ mate

Certain features of student houses are universal. Most Bristol students probably have at least one overflowing bin in their kitchen and a couple of hastily tacked-up posters in the living room.

That being said, the specific location of your beloved gaff is very telling about you and your housemates’ personality.

With the house hunting frenzy in full swing, we decided to give you a rundown of all the hotspots for students once they leave the bubble of first year halls and enter the Bristol community

We’ve covered everything from the Georgian villas in Clifton, to the dingy digs in Stokes Croft to help you figure out which housing stereotype you’d fit best into.


Arguably the crème de la crème of Bristol housing, Redland is the hub for house parties. Every social butterfly and self proclaimed BNOC will have a crib off of Chandos Road, or at least within five minutes of Redland Corner Shop with its dodgy deals on wine.

Redland residents are most likely seen with their head in the toilet after another night listening to their amateur DJ mate on his decks. The Redland dweller is probably broke from the monthly expenses on noise fines and illegal substances, and will definitely be hosting a motive this Friday.


The Clifton student has their life together. Signing a lease in this boujee area was a calculated move to ensure an aesthetic Instagram replete with brunch snaps and sunset scenes of the suspension bridge. If you live in Clifton, I would wager that you own a skinny scarf, afghan coat and pair of UGG boots.

Clifton inhabitants exclusively study in independent coffee shops (“an oat milk laaatte please”) and frequent the overpriced charity shops. They probably have a very close-knit friend group and prefer to have dinner parties with their three flatmates than go out clubbing. At a push, they can sometimes be persuaded to end the night at Lola Lo’s or La Rocca.

Stokes Croft

One of the cooler areas of Bristol, this gentrified neighbourhood is crawling with edgy UoB students who like to pretend that they don’t go actually to the university. Instead, their daily routine consists of sourcing expensive vintage clothes, going to underground raves and getting takeaways from a new cuisine each week.

You can probably find them chewing someones ear off in the smoking area at Take 5. Definitely thinks they’re better than you and will tell anyone who will listen about how cheap their rent is.

City Centre

The city centre students are typically more artsy types, or as they unironically like to call themselves, “creatives”. Further from the student hub that most areas, those who live in the city centre prefer to immerse themselves in the “real” Bristol. They will then Voi up the hill to uni for their liberal arts seminars.

Probably have a nose ring, several tattoos and an unnatural hair colour. These students enjoy spending their free time at the Arnolfini, St Nick’s market, the Old Vic and the Watershed in order to soak up as much culture as possible.

However, their pretentiousness doesn’t stop them getting an M&M’s after indie night in Thekla.


Speaking of university, a Cotham resident is usually a studious person. Realistically, if you live close enough to Woodland Road to get Eduroam Wi-Fi you have no excuse not to attend your 9am lectures.

With the cost of living crisis increasing utility bills, Cotham occupants most likely spend their days at the uni study centres for free heating and peace and quiet to get on with their work. I imagine they also attend Cotham street parties to feel involved in the community and are probably signed up to at least five societies (the more obscure the better).

The concept of a “big shop” is foreign to these second and third years as picking up bits from Clifton Sainsbury’s is a daily ritual for them.

Anywhere else

If you’re not in these five iconic student areas, you’re probably a very sad and bitter person who’s upset that they have to walk more than half an hour to get to a library. God forbid you’re still getting the U1 to get down Whiteladies Road.

Chances are you have nonstudent neighbours and spend all your money on Ubers back from nights out.

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