Not another secret Santa: Eight gift ideas for under £15 to bestow upon your housemates

Every Bristol student would love a digital camera

It’s that time of year again, secret Santa. The marmite of house events.

Secret Santa is an opportunity to spread the love and give a wholesome present to your lovely housemates. Or, you might have picked the housemate everyone knows the least.

Whatever the circumstances, make their Christmas extra special with a gift from this list.

1. A cookbook

If your flatmates or housemates are hopeless at cooking and need a friendly intervention, a cookbook might be the ideal gift. This will help them enhance their cooking skills and lose the grey tinge their skin has developed.

2. A houseplant

A houseplant is a fantastic cheap, and fun gift. Who doesn’t love sprucing up their rooms with plants that will likely be dead in February?

3. A hot water bottle

Winter has begun, and the nights are getting colder. If your house is holding off turning the heating on to beat the cost of living crisis, buying your friend a hot water bottle will keep them happy and healthy all season. You can get creative with this one and choose a cute fluffy animal which will also help with the downsides of desperately avoiding cuffing season.

4. A bottle of their drink of choice

Save your friend the stress of buying drinks for pres and stock them with a bottle of nice cheap alcohol.

5. Their favourite elf bar

Who doesn’t love the sweet smoke of a fruity elf bar? Treat your friend to their favourite flavour of vape for under a tenner. Why not treat them to a new flavour to provide excitement for a cheap gift?

6. Charity shop garms

Head over to Gloucester road and fight through hundreds of other Bristol Uni students to grab a cheap gift to help them navigate the constantly evolving bristol uni fashion trends. Get them something weird and whacky for under a fiver.

7. A digital camera

Buy your friend a cheap second-hand digital camera from eBay for under £10, so they can document their nights out in Lakota old-school style. Get ready for their end-of-term Instagram dump to be on point.

8. UBRFC naked calendar

Support your fellow uni students and charity and pick up their £10 naked calender. This is sure to go down a treat with any housemate. Who doesn’t love a rugby boy bum?

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