Cure your hangover and go to one of Bristol’s best veggie brunch spots

Perhaps with all these options available, you’ll stop breaking your vegetarianism once a week

Whether you’re hungover desperately looking for a cure, or just feeling like a wholesome little brunch date, we went to some of Bristol’s most infamous cafes to see what they had to offer for all the starving vegetarians of Bristol Uni.

We’re sure you’ve all heard of Rubicon Too, but when you inevitably can’t get a table there, don’t panic. There are so many more places you can go for your unwavering order of avocado and poached egg on toast.

Perhaps with all these options available, you’ll stop breaking your vegetarianism once a week.

Rubicon Too

The most classic of them all. Just at the bottom of Cotham Hill, so conveniently very close to uni. You have undoubtedly seen this on every Bristol students Instagram story and have definitely walked past all the girlies having a cheeky coffee and a cig on the tables outside. Sitting at this cafe actually made us feel like we were on the set of Made in Chelsea, the gossip was flowing and the food was good. Everything you would expect from a vegetarian full English breakfast. Food does go cold quite quickly if you decide to sit outside in November like we did.

Wayland’s Yard

This is our personal favourite. A bit less tradition but still so many fun choices for brunchies with the babes. You can also order on an app so that reduces all of the anxiety which would typically come with actually having to say your order out loud. Imagine. Once again this is so close to uni, just in between Whiteladies Road and The Triangle (which I’m sure you’re very familiar with). The Eggy Crumpets are probably the most intriguing thing on the brunch menu and we definitely recommend them. Only downside is that the orange industrial look of the place does slightly resemble B&Q.

Budapest Cafe

Budapest Cafe is in fact not in Budapest but in the equally as beautiful and gorgeous Clifton, specifically Alma Vale road. It actually sells tradition Hungarian food so if you’re missing all the travelling you did on you’re amazing gap year, go here. I’m sure it will satisfy your craving for wanderlust xx. So yummy but lots of cheese and egg options so if you’re fully vegan maybe not one to consider. Feels like a cute place to take the family if they ever come and visit.

Boston Tea Party

Although this is a chain, there’s too many in Bristol for it not to get mentioned. Plenty of vegetarian AND vegan breakfasts and there’s also an option for a calorie free menu which is nice. On reflection the baked beans do look a bit questionable but definitely recommend either way. They also put avocado in their iced lattes completely unprovoked, but their baristas swear by it- so maybe just go purely to try that.

The Crafty Egg

If you’re not like other girls you can continue boycotting all the main stream places in Bristol by getting brunch in Stokes Croft as well as exclusively only going out there. The décor adds to the atmosphere and vibes, with lots of greenery and even overpriced houseplants that you can buy and inevitably kill. The Veggie Crafty comes with halloumi and a veggie patty so you’re definitely not going hungry just because you don’t eat meat.

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