Bristol student broke their leg during a night out in the beloved club La Rocca

You think you’ve had a bad night out, well think again

University of Bristol student Erin Edwards has spoken about how she broke her leg after a night out in beloved club La Rocca – but she can’t wait to go there again for her first night out back.

You have definitely heard of the club La Rocca. Its bright checkered floor lights up the lives of Bristol students regularly.

Erin’s Friday night out started like any other: a last-minute decision to go to a club, and a quick bottle of wine for pres, before heading out. The evening then took a turn.

As we all know, when one has consumed a full bottle of Pinot Grigio, their coordination may not be at its best. However, what occurred next cannot be said to have happened often.

Erin made it as far as four steps down, before tripping and coming to her senses at the bottom of the stairs. Even though she has said her memory is slightly blurry, Erin says she has a vivid recollection of her right leg twisted underneath her, after her fall.

It may have been the adrenalin, the fact the DJ was playing absolute bangers, or the promise of a Jägerbomb and a VK once inside, but Erin pressed on with the night.

Yet only ten minutes later, the realisation of what may have occurred hit when she began to struggle to put any weight on her right leg and her friends noticed the abnormal looking bone pointing outwardly from her ankle.

After being helped into an Uber and heading straight to hospital, it was discovered Erin’s leg was in fact broken – showing that however bad you think your night out may have been, it can always be worse.

After being unable to go out for Halloween and missing too many nights out to count, Erin has said there’s only one place she’ll be at for her first night out back despite the events of the night.

A spokesperson for La Rocca said they hope Erin is okay and they look forward to welcoming her back.

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