Take this quiz to find out which holiday destination matches your Bristol Uni personality

Are you more suited to strolling through the streets of Amsterdam or getting sweaty in Berlin clubs?

Exam season can be pretty miserable and the rainy weather is currently providing some perfect pathetic fallacy. You must admit the grey clouds incapsulate the feeling of impending doom pretty well.

The season of sitting in the ASS, having constant caffeine shakes and thinking all nighters are a good idea is coming to a close. Summer is right around the corner and soon the sun will be peaking through the clouds bringing freedom, extreme hay-fever and some burnt Brits abroad.

Now that coronavirus doesn’t exist anymore, and feels like it never did, travel is finally on the cards. Maybe this year you will finally get your housemates organised and book that Airbnb in Faro. Probably not though.

Take this quiz to find out what holiday destination matches your very original Bristol student personality. If this doesn’t get you excited for summer, nothing will.