Don’t let exams get to you: Here are nine reasons not to drop out of Bristol Uni

You can’t leave uni without getting a Briscrush written about you

Exam season is here. Like a slap from Will Smith, it feels like a violation and is followed by disbelief, as your timetable seems to state your school has scheduled all three of your exams in one week. Great.

Cue a month of late nights studying in the ASS, tired eyes pin-bowling through a hundred chrome tabs and a diet of Red Bull and coffee. It is enough to make anyone question whether their degree is truly worth it or not.

Whilst struggling through this hellish period, the temptation of dropping out may seem overly inviting. The Bristol Tab is here to tell you nine reasons why you shouldn’t say “fuck it” and pack your bags. 

1. Friends

They may not do their dishes, but they never fail to make you smile, and leaving uni means leaving them.

2. Societies 

The lifeblood of uni, societies allow for you to follow your passions. They are the crème de la crème and even offer you a slightly less shitty quarter zip. Still won’t get me to buy one though.

3. Trips

From Rome to the Alps, Portugal to Budapest, the trips offered by societies and the uni provide experiences you treasure for life. Or an Instagram post for each day of the week if you went on the ski trip.

4. Laughs


Leaving means it’s unlikely you’ll ever see a TikTok of a pickled rat ever again and all the other laughs which come with uni culture. That is unless Disney has ideas of making Ratatouille 2 a horror movie. 

5. Degree

On a more serious note, even though it is a little spenny, you finish your studies with a degree that will make future employers horny. So keep at it for a few more years and the better chance you will have of getting your dream job. 

Also, you never know who you might meet, Charlotte studying law could come in handy when you’re arrested for raising your voice at a protest.

6. The city

Sometimes it may be hard to notice, amongst the stress of uni-work, but the city of Bristol has a culture to die for. Sunsets on Brandon Hill, music to please all ears and restaurants to satisfy any craving. How could you want to leave?

7. The nightlife

Constant parties and a ludicrous collection of clubs is what time at uni is really all about. I mean what beats BED Mondays and witnessing a Love Island star possibly getting with an undergrad?

8. Getting a Briscrush 

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There’s still hope of finding the love of your life, or at the very least a chance of receiving a Briscrush. 

9. Avoiding the real world for one more year

You know what doesn’t sound appealing? Working a nine to five in a tiny cell of an office or scanning veg at the Coop. Taxes, Rent, Commuting? No. Thank. You.

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