Police trample over Sarah Everard tributes whilst dispersing peaceful protesters

This happens just 10 days after police violence broke out at the Sarah Everard vigil on Clapham Common

After a second peaceful Kill The Bill protest on College Green yesterday, police moved in to disperse protesters and, while doing so, trampled over tributes left at the Sarah Everard vigil.

In the video, police can be heard shouting at protesters to disperse and candles can be heard tipping over underneath their feet as they marched through the vigil.

This happens just 10 days after violence broke out between peaceful vigil attendees and police at the Sarah Everard vigil on Clapham Common.

Police sent in police dogs, mounted police and riot officers in order to break up the peaceful protest. Protesters had set up tents, held rallies throughout the day and were intending to stay overnight on College Green.

As well as protesting the bill generally, yesterday’s protest is specifically protesting the impact of the bill on Travellers, Roma, and Gypsies, alongside the general increased powers of the Home Office. Criminalising trespass, they argue, directly threatens the Gypsy and Traveller way of life.

Avon and Somerset police claim protesters were moved off College Green by 11pm, but a group still remained peacefully protesting on Deanery Road.

Protesters defied police requests to disperse by sitting in front of the riot police line, singing protest songs and laying daffodils in front of their feet.

Journalists at the scene also report being threatened and arrested by the police, who refused to believe they were journalists.

Protesters lying at the feet of riot police. Photo: Fergus Ustianowski

Avon and Somerset Police have since reported that 14 people were arrested, including one arrest in connection with Sunday’s riots.

Featured image: Fergus Ustianowski 

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