Mounted police turn up to Clifton opening of new Eat a Pitta as queue gets too busy

It’s Bristol, are we really surprised??

Today is the grand opening of the new Eat a Pitta store in Clifton and, since every Bristol Uni student’s diet consists of something off their menu, everyone is going mad for it.

The new store is offering a special 50 per cent off deal today, which has attracted huge queues and some mounted police officers to enforce social distancing.

Alice, who is in the queue for some discounted falafel, told The Bristol Tab that “the mounted police told us to social distance”.

One passerby told us that Clifton had been busy all morning, and that the queue stretches about 80 metres down the road.

The length of the queue for the discounted Eat a Pitta

The new Eat a Pitta is replacing the Boston Tea Party which used to be on the corner, and served all day brunch. It’s also just around the corner from a Parsons. What more do you need?

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