Wills Memorial Library chairs have been tied with string to enforce social distancing

The seating capacity has also been cut from 500 to just over 100

If you were wondering what libraries might look like when term starts again, in Wills Memorial Library string has been tied across almost 400 library seats in order to enforce social distancing. The string is meant to prevent students from sitting near each other.

Ahead of libraries reopening and being made “Covid-Secure”, the capacity in the Wills Memorial Library has also been reduced from 500 people to just over 100.

Students will also be made to book slots online in order to secure a seat in any university library. It was reported earlier this week that all students will have a 10 hour study limit per week. After scrolling through insta and eyefucking your library crush, this leaves a maximum of three hours a week for studying.

Similarly science labs are drastically reducing student numbers, but are extending their opening hours into the evening.

With over 27,000 students arriving at the University of Bristol in the next few weeks many fear these measures will do little to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Professor Jessop told ITV West that “it’s inevitable we’ll get a Covid case and we need to manage that.”

These latest Covid safety measures (tying library chairs together with pieces of string) comes after it was announced that masks and visors will be compulsory for students in class.

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