Bristol Uni introduce new library booking system and 10 hour study limit

RIP your all night study sesh

Bristol Uni is piloting a new “study seat booking system” this week, with students allocated a maximum study time of 10 hours per week in university study spaces.

The booking system, which is currently being tested in Beacon House, is part of the effort to make the study spaces covid secure and allows you to book two to three hours of library time per session.

The Bristol Tab reached out to the university for comment, who told us that the “time limits will be kept under review” but study slots are “likely to be more limited once more students return”.

You also have to fill out an NHS track and trace form when you get there.

A screenshot of the reservation page, which gives you options from a space with a charger to soft seating.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “To comply with social distancing regulations, we have had to reduce the number of seats available in our libraries and study centres.

“In order to manage this situation safely and fairly, we will be introducing booking systems in all our libraries and study centres which will mean that students need to book a seat before visiting.

“This was introduced last week in Beacon House and there are plans to roll out similar systems in our other study centres during the first few weeks of term.”

For students who spend a lot of time doing work in the library, or at least pretending to do work, the 10 hour maximum is a concern. The Bristol Tab spoke to Jason, a third year Economics student, who said he is worried about the ten hour limit as he  struggles to work at home: “As a third year student who doesn’t work well at home, and is in the process of planning a dissertation, the uni can’t expect me to do all my work within the 10 hours provided. I understand where they are coming from and I appreciate their effort, but ten hours is no where near enough for a third year student.”

The university told The Bristol Tab: “To be as fair as possible, the maximum number of hours will be limited. We have discussed this with colleagues from the Students’ Union and have agreed a duration of two to three hours per study slot.

“We also need to introduce a maximum number of slots per student per week which at the moment is ten hours. However, this is likely to be more limited once more students return. Usage will be closely monitored, and time limits will be kept under review.”

To make up for spaces lost due to social distancing, the university told us: “There will also be study seats available for students living in University-owned residences and, following consultation with sabbatical officers and student faculty representatives we have identified some teaching rooms across campus which are not currently timetabled which we estimate would add an additional 120 seats.”

“We will begin to add these additional rooms to the study space booking system through TB1 as the amount of physical space required for teaching becomes clearer.

“We acknowledge this situation is far from ideal and apologise for the inevitable disruption this will cause but our priority has to be the safety of our staff and students at this time. Staff from Library Services have been working hard throughout the summer holidays to make our study centres COVID secure and have also created virtual study lounges which students can come together online to work alongside each other and share goals and targets – details on how to access these are available on the website.”

The Arts and Social Sciences Library and Vet Sciences Library are currently open for book collection via the Click & Collect service.

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