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OPINION: Why I’m voting Tory this election

Almost every single one of my friends thinks we should respect the referendum and leave

One of two men will become Prime Minister on December 12th: Boris Johnson, or Jeremy Corbyn. I believe students should vote for Boris Johnson and that you don’t have to like Boris or indeed all of his policies to do so.

You should do so because Jeremy Corbyn has demonstrated that he is completely unfit to lead this country.

In the history of British politics there have only been two political parties that have been investigated by the Equality and Human Rights Commission: the BNP, and Corbyn’s Labour Party. But other than that, these are the reasons why you should vote Conservative on 12th December.

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Last week I saw three separate Jewish students at this university post about their fear of a Corbyn government on social media

Recently, the Chief Rabbi wrote an unprecedented warning in The Times that "a new poison – sanctioned from the top – has taken place in the Labour Party."

The Jewish Chronicle poll of British Jews found that more than 85 per cent believe Jeremy Corbyn is anti-semitic. What more does it take? What other minority group would we simply ignore when they raise these concerns?

Jeremy Corbyn has proven himself unfit for this country’s leadership

There is scarcely an anti-Western group he hasn’t cosied up to, be it Hamas or Hezbollah.

When the Russian state murdered British citizens on British soil did he robustly condemn Russia? No, he disbelieved this country’s assessment of the chemicals and suggest they instead be tested by…Russia.

He is outspoken on violence when it’s committed by ‘the west’ but strangely quiet when it's states he’s sympathetic to: Cuba, Bolivia, and Iran.

On the single most important issue of the day, Brexit, he has prevaricated

One thing is clear however: he does not want us to remain in the EU.

If you want that, you should vote Green or Lib Dem who have consistently advocated Remain and a People’s Vote.

Instead, Corbyn has redefined "leadership" by seeking to advocate neither for Remain nor Leave.

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Me (right)

The Conservatives will get on with Brexit

We are democrats. We respect the decision that was taken. Students don’t have to like Brexit to agree we need to respect it and get on and leave.

I literally don’t think I know anyone at Bristol who voted to leave, yet almost every single one of my friends thinks we should respect the referendum and leave.

For students, the Conservatives have delivered record places at universities

They have also delivered record places at universities for those on low incomes and when students finish, they will find a job market with record low unemployment and rising incomes.

Corbyn’s uncosted policies are simply not affordable

Recently, Corbyn proposed a policy that was as expensive as the entire NHS budget. Simply repeating the mantra of ‘we will tax the rich’ is not a solution.

Labour's policies will drive down investment, wages, and employment whilst increasing inflation and taxes.

It is us students who will ultimately bear the economic cost of these discredited economic policies that didn’t work in the 1970s.

They will not work now.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Bristol Tab.