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This is why you can’t vote Lib Dem in Bristol West

It’s all to do with opposing Brexit

As part of the “Unite to Remain” electoral pact, Liberal Democrat candidate James Cox has stood down in the constituency of Bristol West.

If you live in Redland, Clifton, Cotham or Cabot, this means a Lib Dem candidate will not be on your ballot paper.

“Unite to Remain” is an electoral pact involving The Lib Dems, The Green Party and Plaid Cymru, seeking to ensure that there is only one clear Remain candidate in every constituency.

Labour are not involved in the pact but will support holding another referendum on leaving the EU.

Though many of their candidates are opposed to leaving the EU, The Labour Party as a whole is yet to announce whether it would support Remain in a second referendum.

With no Lib Dem Candidate, Carla Denyer of The Green Party is the only clear Remain choice for Bristol West.

James Cox acknowledged: “Sometimes there are fights bigger than the ones in which we are personally invested.

“Whilst I am personally disappointed, I understand that many of you who have either spent decades and thousands of hours campaigning for us in Bristol West or were excited to get involved here for the first time will be hugely disappointed too.

“Once again, on behalf of the party, I am sorry."

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