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Bristol Uni expects to lose £19m a year if No-Deal Brexit happens

570 jobs are also at risk

The University of Bristol could lose £19m a year in research funding if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

A 'Brexit Risk and Impact Plan', created by the uni, details the various areas that could be affected by Brexit.

Virtually all aspects of uni life will take a hit in the event of No-Deal.

Research Funding

Bristol Uni gets £19m every year from the EU, accounting for 11 per cent of all research activity. However, it is unlikely this will still be the case in the event of No Deal.

Although the UK Government will foot the bill for existing research grants, according to the report, it is not clear “from where the funding will come from and whether there will be offsets elsewhere in the sector.”

Key research partners such as Airbus and EDF could also take their business outside the UK. If this was the case, there would be a detrimental effect on research income and the uni could lose world-class academics.

15 per cent of Bristol Uni’s academic staff come from the EU

The plan also details how the job security of staff who are from the EU may be uncertain. This directly affects 470 academic staff and 100 other members of staff.

Even if the EU citizens employed by the uni can stay, in the event of a nod-deal Brexit, the uni say it will be ‘significantly more challenging to retain our talent pipeline from the EU given that EU citizens will be treated like any other non-UK national.’

Eight per cent of Bristol Uni students study modern languages

A No Deal Brexit will also affect the Erasmus programme by leaving students in EU areas uncertain about their immigration status.

Whether or not the UK would be able to participate in Erasmus is also unclear.